Scott Stevens of Grays Peak Capital LP Analyzes the Current Landscape of Tech Startups

Tech startups

In 2019, the tech landscape will continue adjusting to market and regulatory changes, says Scott Stevens, partner at Grays Peak Capital LP. Following suit, tech startups will also continue pursuing opportunities that help them achieve rapid go-to-market strategies at a lower cost. However, unlike in the past, where tech startups created entire ecosystems, in 2019, expect to see more partnerships that interconnect multiple ecosystems. Cloud, AI, and blockchain will be major driving technologies in this regard. Enterprises, too, will continue to look for strategic alliances with tech startups as they shore up their competitive advantages. Here, Grays Peak Capital LP and Scott Stevens identify three specific areas tech startups will focus on in 2019.

Growth Opportunities

Typically, tech startups go after opportunities that have the highest potential for growth. In 2019, expect cloud computing, AI, and blockchain to fall under this category. What will fuel these three areas is the increasing need enterprises have to embrace and integrate leading-edge technologies to stave off competition. While in the past they went after new technologies as a cost-cutting measure, increasingly, enterprises are looking to such technologies to leap-frog the competition. In 2019, Grays Peak Capital LP says to expect tech startups to take advantage of this trend by focusing on pursuing opportunities in cloud computing, AI, and blockchain.

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